Coffee Shop Consulting

Do you need help opening your first coffee shop, or help growing your existing one?
Sometimes, it's hard to know where to start. We can help you with every step of opening your first establishment, based on first hand experience. 
Often times, if you already own a cafe or coffee shop, things can feel like they're stagnating and you don't know why. This is when an outside perspective can be crucial to keeping your business alive and thriving. 
Our consulting service is flexible, friendly and impactful. We can work with you closely by having a full day with you in person, or working by the hour on specific subjects you would like to cover, whether that be on a video call or in person.

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A bit about us... 

We opened our first specialty coffee shop mid pandemic and have created a successful, profitable 6 figure business in South East London. We have helped friends and acquaintances navigate opening their own establishments and would love to help you too. 
We understand how hard it can be to wrap your head around the complexities of starting and running your own business, so we are here to give you the assistance you need to get going successfully. 
As multiple business owners with broad professional backgrounds spanning advertising, CPG, digital & hospitality, we have a great perspective on wider business practice in general.
We can't wait to help!

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What we can offer... 

How to get started
Why are you opening a coffee shop? Challenging your reasoning, realistic feedback on your concept.
Business planning
Templates, most important sections to understand, organising financials.
Advice on where to obtain cash, or appropriate methods to stop you overspending/ underspending if you have your own.
Finding a premises
What to look for, location, optimum pricing, condition, lease or buy.
Lease terms
Heads of terms, rent free periods, what to expect.
Fit out
Organisation of tradespeople, customer journey/ workflow, building, plumbing, electrics, timings.
Finding best suppliers for your shop, coffee, food, drink & pricing, payment terms, relationships.
How to employ, experience level, contract types, logistics.
Social media, traditional advertising, partnerships, paid ads, finding what fits your establishment best.
Customer service
Once you open, nothing is more important than impeccable customer service and attention to detail, we will review your approach and advise on best practise.
This is not a one size fits all consultation, so there will be more factors that we have not listed that we will work closely together on.


What we DO NOT offer...

Barista Training

There are plenty of companies out there and we are happy to recommend appropriate ones for you.

Legal Advice

Although we can help you with the steps it takes when searching for a commercial property lawyer, we cannot provide any specific legal advice.

Financial Advice

We are not financial professionals and therefore do not provide financial advice, however we can help you with advice on seeking accountants. 



1 Full Day Consultation = £500 + VAT (+ travel expenses outside London) 
A full day consultation can go through many, if not all of the steps you need to take in order to open your coffee shop or cafe.
Hourly Consultation = £100 + VAT (+ travel expenses outside London) 
If you just want to focus on specific areas, a flexible hourly approach can be enough to get all of the information you need to gain clarity on target subjects. 


Get in touch: 

Email us at and we'll get in touch to set up a quick discovery call to understand exactly what you need.