Domaine Patrick Miolane Saint-Aubin 1er Cru Rouge

Domaine Patrick Miolane Saint-Aubin 1er Cru Rouge

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 NAME OF WINE: Saint Aubin Premier Cru A.O.C.

NAME OF ESTATE/DOMAINE: Domaine Patrick Miolane

VINTAGE: 2016 

ABV: 13%

NAME OF VIGNERONS: Patrick Miolane, his daughter, Barbara, and Barbara’s husband, Romain Jaquot

LOCATION & REGION: this 9-hectare family estate is located in the village of Saint Aubin, (in the prestigious Côte des Blancs zone of Burgundy). The family farms vines in Chassagne-Montrachet and Puligny-Montrachet as well

GRAPE/BLEND: 100% Pinot Noir (vines aged between 39 years-old and 46 years-old) 

SUSTAINABLE/ORGANIC/BIODYNAMIC: sustainable, but the family is gradually turning to organic farming

SUITABLE FOR VEGETARIANS/VEGANS: YES (this wine was not fined) 


TASTING NOTE: with these Chardonnay vines being planted at a high altitude (either at 200 metres (Les Castets) or at 300 metres (Les Frionnes and Perrières). this wine is well endowed with rich fruit flavours, lifted by a pleasing nerve and freshness. 


SHORT HISTORY: This 9-hectare family estate has been handed down from generation to generation for many years. Patrick took it over in 1983, (at the age of twenty) his daughter, Barbara, worked in a large number of wine estates in different countries and regions, including the United states, and the Loire and Burgundy. She joined her father at the family estate in 2005. Her husband, Romain Jaquot studied viticulture and winemaking at the professional wine school of Beaune, and then joined Patrick and Barbara at the estate. The three complement each other with their different talents and specialities. Patrick oversees the whole business, Romain looks after the vines and the estate’s soils, while Barbara’s area of responsibility is the winery vinifications and she also runs the sales and marketing of the family business. The estate produces wines from 16 Appellations ( Premiers Crus, Village and regional crus).

(MICRO)CLIMATE: with much of Saint Aubin being located at a high altitude, and therefore, having a relatively cold climate, wines from this Appellation can be considered somewhat more delicate and more aromatic and endowed with a greater acidity, than those from some other appellations of Burgundy, 

TERROIR: clay-limestone soils. The vines are planted facing South (for the Perrières plot) and South-East (for Castets and Les Frionnes.). All plots are located at a high altitude - either at 200m (Les Castets) or at 300m (Les Frionnes and Perrières)

VITICULTURE: Sustainable, but the family is gradually turning to organic farming. Prime importance is given to the work on the vines themselves. No weed-killers are used whatsoever. A Bouillie Bordelaise (an antifungal mixture of lime and of copper sulphate that is permitted in organic farming), is applied to the soils. The soil in each parcel is hoed and broken-up to give it a good aeration and oxygenation. Meticulous de-budding (called “echtinage” in the local Burgundy dialect), is carried out from the month of May onwards.


  • Manual harvest, into crates. 
  • Careful removal of leaves (and other unwanted pieces of vegetation) takes place on a vibrating sorting table, and thereafter, any green grapes or any dried-up, raisined grapes, or, indeed, any damaged grapes, are removed on a second vibrating sorting table. 
  • Healthy grapes are firstly crushed and then de-stemmed 
  • 2-3 weeks of wild yeast fermentation in 24HL stainless steel vat (with rudimentary temperature control -running the wine through a chill container/mechanism, and checking with a thermometer.)
  • 3 years’ ageing in used wooden 228-litre Burgundy barrel, followed by 2-3 months’ ageing in the same stainless-steel vat that had been used for fermentation.
  • Full malolactic
  • Filtration through Kieselguhr
  • No fining. 
  • A small amount of sulphur was added at bottling.


Free SO2: 18mg/Litre. Total S02 (there is no figure for Total SO2 on the lab. Analyses)

Further Useful Info:

The blend was unusual for this wine, in this particular 2016 vintage, due to frost damage in 2016 (the estate lost 80%-90% of its grapes), most of the grapes in the Premier Cru parcel ‘Perrières’ were lost in this way, meaning that there were not enough for the estate to produce their habitual wine Saint Aubin Premier Cru Rouge ‘Perrières’ (usually made in every vintage from Pinot Noir grapes grown in the Parcel ‘Perrières’), instead the grapes from this parcel that were harvested contributed to the blend of this wine, so it is a one-off blend (the state has produced, in most years, a Saint Aubin Premier Cru rouge and it is, in normal and plentiful years, a blend of just two Premier Cru parcels): (Les Castets and Les Frionnes) both of which are located on a South-East-facing slope, close to the heart of the village of Saint Aubin.